The next days workout will automatically post every evening at 6pm EST. We pride ourselves on our programming, this is not a facility where the workout is chosen the evening before. Please refrain from requesting programming in advance and enjoy the "unknown and unknowable".

Please notice how the day is broken up. Following is a detailed explanation. 

The WOD(workout of the day) begins with the Warm Up. This is almost always followed by a Strength portion. The strength is sometimes broken up into 2 levels "Perf:"(Performance) and "Life"(Lifestyle) (to be explained in the following).

Next you will see "Perf: Metcon"(Metabolic Conditioning). This is our prescribed WOD which is 100% scalable to your present fitness levels and/or limitations. We have great coaches that would love to help you make the workout appropriate to your current fitness level ensuring you obtain the appropriate stimulus from the WOD.

Lastly you will see "Life: Metcon". This is our boot camp style WOD for those easing their way up to the daily WOD(a.k.a. performance WOD) or simply looking to stay fit.

Occasionally you will see "ROM WOD"(usually Thursdays). These are lighter work days followed by ROM WOD, which is a mobility focused, yoga type portion of class. A few days a week you will see a core strength challenge following the WOD.

Note: If you are following your own programming we 100% understand and support this. We simply ask that you do your best to complete this during our "Open Gym" class times found under the "Schedule" option of the menu. Exceptions can be made, if needed, please inquire ahead and know that a full class will take precedent over individual programming.