Let's Get Started!

Already a CrossFitter or Seasoned Athlete?

Great! As long as you can demonstrate the knowledge of and perform the basic movements safely and efficiently, you can begin going right into our Performance Classes or Individual Program.  

New to Fitness?

Are you new to Functional Fitness? No problem!! We will take you through 2 one-on-one Basic Movements Classes. These classes will provide you with a great understanding of all the fundamental movements and basic principles of CrossFit and Functional Fitness while also slowly introducing you to High Intensity Interval Training. One of our coaches will meet with you individually by appointment and take you through all of the basics that you will need to begin in any of our classes. These 2 Classes are $80 and after completion your membership will start. Once your Membership starts, you will be in our Lifestyle Programming for the first few months, until you can test out into our Performance.