See what our Athletes and Visitors are saying about us.

"Crossfit Crescent Coast is the most encouraging place to workout. They always tell you how good you are doing, and add suggestions to move you forward. They also watch and make sure your movements are correct, never wanting anyone to get hurt. Just a very positive and supportive environment. Highly recommend any level athlete to come workout with us.”
- Mary Jo Forbes, Member
I applaud the coaching and attitudes at CrossFit Crescent Coast. I am one of their older clients and have been so impressed with the quality of concern for safety and health as well as just plain having fun. We are given good directions for every move and exercises are geared for the individual’s level of strength and ability. I am a big fan... 
- Pat Rider, Member
Great group of people. Good atmosphere and very clean. Programming is awesome. They take pride in their coaching and keep it safe. This is my second year coming to this gym and will be the one I go back to whenever I'm in town
- Benji Glover, Visitor
All of the coaches are amazing! I have never pushed myself like this before, but I honestly love doing it. Crossfit is so rewarding and this group is so supportive. They encourage you, teach you, and push you to be your best! Crossfit Crescent Coast is my favorite and I'm so thankful to know such amazing people! It really is my happy place!
Brittany Greene, Member
Awesome facility, instructors and people. If you're in Myrtle Beach, SC this is the place to go!
Aaron Friedman, Visitor
Love it! Love the staff! So glad I joined! I wish I would have started sooner!
Tina Shaw, Member
It took me almost 4 months to walk through the doors. I finally did and I'm glad I did. The people of Crescent Coast are supportive, encouraging and nonjudgmental. You have extreme Athletes to some just like me. Young, middle aged, retired...all walks of life and all professions...
- Jeff Yalden, Member
I came to do the open 16.2 while on vacation and they were professional, encouraging, helpful and knowledgeable. They really helped me excel. Thank you! Did I mention they were extremely friendly and personable?
- Visitor